In the Kitchen

As the weather continues to cool, I share a little oil sketch I began back when we were wearing tights and sweaters, of a child practicing her music while her mother finishes up the last of the dishes.


The pantry is stocked, the dog is waiting for a pat on the head, and the cat is getting paw prints on the laundry. No relation to my life whatsoever. :)

What are paintings made of? Recently I collected some of the sketches I made while sitting in my daughter's violin lesson over the past two years. A few of these are scribble drawings, gestures. I also drew my dog Skip, who wouldn't model for me well, and because he liked to change his position often, I had to be fast. On gesture drawing, Kimon Nicolaïdes, in The Natural Way to Draw, writes, 

The eye alone is not capable of seeing the whole gesture. It an only see parts at a time. That which puts these parts together in your consciousness is your appreciation of the impulse that created the gesture. If you make a conscious attempt merely to see the gesture, the impulse which caused it is lost to you. But if you use your whole consciousness to grasp the feeling—the impulse behind the immediate picture—you have a far better chance of seeing more truly the various parts. For the truth is that by themselves the parts have no significant identity.